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Zemits Adrinox 2.0 Microcurrent Machine

Zemits Adrinox 2.0 Microcurrent Machine

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The Zemits Adrinox 2.0 is a sophisticated microcurrent therapy device, expertly designed for rejuvenating facial and body skin, as well as enhancing lymphatic drainage. This easy-to-use, compact system features a luxury design with a variety of handpieces and microcurrent gloves, making it an ideal addition to any beauty salon.

Benefits of the Zemits Adrinox 2.0 Microcurrent System:

Smoother Wrinkles and Tightened Facial Contours: Reduces the appearance of fine lines while enhancing facial contours for a rejuvenated and sculpted look.

Improved Oxygenation and Reduced Puffiness: Boosts tissue oxygenation and decreases puffiness, resulting in a refreshed and vibrant appearance.

Enhanced Muscle Tone and Skin Appearance: Strengthens facial muscles and promotes an even skin tone, improving overall skin appearance and radiance.

Diminished Dark Circles and Puffiness Around the Eyes: Specifically targets the eye area to reduce dark circles and puffiness, enhancing the eyes' overall brightness.

Dynamic Microcurrent Gloves with Versatile Modalities: Includes dynamic gloves and six modalities for comprehensive face and body treatments, delivering outstanding skin toning results.

The Zemits Adrinox 2.0 accessories set includes four types of attachments:

  • A pair of monopolar Q-tips for sensitive skin
  • A pair of Globe Probes for face and gentle eye and lip areas
  • A pair of Disk Probes for face, neck and decollete
  • Dynamic Gloves for advanced combined manual and microcurrent massage

You also get the following with the device:

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