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Zemits Light Expert 2.0 IPL Laser Machine

Zemits Light Expert 2.0 IPL Laser Machine

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Zemits introduces an advanced IPL system. One unique system combines several safe treatments for perfect results:


  • Permanent hair removal
  • Comprehensive skin revitalization
  • Targeted pigmentation reduction
  • Specialized acne treatment
  • Precision removal of freckles
  • Removal of vascular anomalies, and facial imperfections.
Cut-Off Filters: 
430nm/530nm/ 640nm- included in set
480nm/560nm/750nm-  sold separately

Treatment Range

  • 430nm~1200nm: Acne and pigment removal;
  • 530nm~1200nm: Freckles, vascular lesions and facial blemish removal, superficial melasma, café au lâit spots;
  • 590nm~1200nm: Photorejuvenation; whitening and increase the flexibility of the skin, regain a glossy appearance;
  • 640nm~1200nm: Hair removal;
  • 690nm~1200nm: Hair removal;
  • 480nm~1200nm: Acne and pigment removal;
  • 750nm~1200nm: Hair removal for darker skin types.

Advantages of IPL Treatment

  • Non-ablative
  • Non-painful
  • Simple and quick treatment
  • No down time post treatment
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