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Zemits OxiVelour True OxyDome Facial System

Zemits OxiVelour True OxyDome Facial System

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Must-Have Device for Healthy, Glowing Skin.

The Zemits OxiVelour is a professional-grade Oxygen Facial System designed for cosmetic use, without the need for bulky Oxygen tanks or chambers. This innovative device was created with esthetic practice in mind, providing ease of use and convenience for spa owners and aestheticians.
With a concentrator system that generates a pure 93-95% Oxygen Flow from room air, the Zemits OxiVelour offers a safe and effective solution for clients seeking the ultimate oxygen facial experience. 
Zemits OxiVelour is equipped with:
  • High-Tech Serum Sprayer
  • Large Oxy Dome
Enriched with purified oxy flow and vitamins, this treatment protocol re-energizes skin, brightens, clears, and rejuvenates its complexion.
Perfect for any facial and suitable for all skin types, the Zemits OxiVelour is the ultimate treatment to elevate your spa's skincare offerings and keep clients coming back for more. 
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